CHÂTEAU DE LA VIEILLE CURE> La Sacristie de la Vieille Cure

Appellation: FronsacOrigin: France

Land: A plateau of limestone; bordering slopes with chalk and clay soils.

Grape Varietals: Merlot 74%; Cabernet Franc 22%; Cabernet Sauvignon 4%

Region: Libourne / Bordeaux Right Bank

Description: The wines produced at Château la Vieille Cure are, by tradition, fine wines for conoisseurs and for aging. While some vintages benefit from waiting 10 or more years, most are best appreciated between 4 and 6 years. With a perfect balance of fruit, aromas and tannins, they are ideal accompaniments to a meal, including spiced and spicy dishes, but can be enjoyed at any time.

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