vineyards at la vieille cure


Pruning is done with the Mixed Guyot method.

The harvest is 100% manual. After automatic de-stemming, the grapes are sorted by hand. Only perfect grapes are sent to the temperature-controlled stainless steel vats.

3 to 4 weeks.

The temperature of the must is carefully controlled and is pumped over twice a day.

- remontage: the wine is pumbed from the bottom of the vats and falls in a spray at the top of the vat.

- ouillage: during this phase the vats must always be topped off refularly in order to avoid contact with air.

1/ Primary fermentation occurs in stainless steel tanks equipped with automatic temperature controls.

2/ The secondery fermentation, called the malolactic, takes place in barrels.

- malolactic fermentation is the transformation of unstable malic acid into stable lactic acid. It diminishes acidity and softens the wine.

- chapeau (hat): a compact mass formed by the solid parts of the harvest (skin, seeds, stalks) which float above the wine, and is pushed up by the gases that form during fermentation.

- pigeage: process by which the "chapeau" is pushed down into the liquid part (must) during fermentation so that tannins and the coloring elements can come into contact with what will make the wine.

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